Jo-Lee Mansfield

When I was 20 years old I was in a terrible car accident. As a result, about a year later when I woke up every morning I felt as if I had slept in a trash compactor. The x-ray showed that I already had calcium deposits building up on my neck. With chiropractic care my spinal health was quickly corrected and I felt wonderful. I have been a believer ever since! Dr. Jay is an extremely talented chiropractor and educator. His innovations with DEFLEXOLOGY have been life-changing and greatly reduced my need for regular adjustments. In the 20 years since that first accident, I have unfortunately been in a few more car accidents. Dr. Jay and his staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring that I receive immediate care, therefore greatly reducing my recovery time. Between Dr. Jay's "magic hands", Charity Mason's exceptional skill as a massage therapist and office manager Laura's inviting and warm atmosphere, "The Clinic" is a place of healing and well being that extends far beyond chiropractic care! Simply put, I love Park Circle Chiropractic Center and believe wholeheartedly in their mission to bring better health and overall wellness to their community!

Greg Cole

Dr Jay is an incredible talent and a truly, caring person.  The chiropractic field is crowded so finding a great doctor was a priority to me and one that I took seriously.  I have used chiropractic for decades to accommodate
a very vigorous job and lifestyle.  My history accords me the importance of using only a Palmer College of Chiropractic trained doctor whom also embraces current practices and techniques.  Dr Jay’s expertise in this arena is exemplary and his own personal fitness allows him to
perform the entire gambit of highly physical chiropractic
procedures.  Adding to Dr. Jay’s extensive competency is his educational program, DeflexologyTM.  Upon preliminary discussion, I was initially challenged to fully embrace some of it's precepts but then I experienced a major setback of my own.  I trusted Dr. Jay to employ his Deflexology techniques and they had IMMEDIATE results.  I am a doubter no more.  Thanks Dr. Jay!

Tim Rodgers

Tim Rodgers Realty

Jay is a very caring, competent chiropractor. Our family has been blessed to have access to his service for many years. We recommend his clinic to all!

Ronald Zartman

I am a 50 year old from johns island south carolina... I stand seven feet tall and have had ACL surgery on both knees... for years I suffered with chronic back and neck pain... all that changed after being introduced to deflexology by dr. jay schwartz at park circle chiropractic... no one has access to a chiropractor 24/7... Dr. schwartz teaches deflexology to his patients...this works because it allows patients to help themselves...I deflex every day at home, work and the gym... here is one example how deflexology prevented an injury...driving home one evening I was sitting in my car at a red light...a truck traveling at a high rate of speed struck my car from behind...the impact forced my head to snap back...I was stunned but not injured...I believe deflexology saved me from whiplash...I deflex my head and neck several times every day... I am a healthy, active deflexology patient of Dr jay Schwartz...I see doc more on the golf course than the office...that is good for both of us... Thank you Doc and park circle chiropratic staff....

Stephanie Trainum

Chiropractic care has benefits that reach far beyond your average back issues. Dr. Jay has helped my sinuses, posture, and ankle pain. He even adjusted me shortly after giving birth! I felt immediate relief from hip displacement. I prefer his hands on approach. He takes the time to help his patients relax before and after adjustments. You can tell that he loves what he does and truly wants his patients to live a healthier life.