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  • Recent Harvest Festival

    PCC had a fantastic time at the recent Harvest Festival! We look forward to doing similar events in the future and meeting more members of our community.

  • Like us on Facebook

    Please visit and like us on Facebook at Park Circle Chiropractic. We love to keep in contact with patients and appreciate you sharing your experience with us at PCC!

  • New Twitter account

    Park Circle Chiropractic is proud to offer a New Twitter account! Please follow us @PARKCIRCLECHIRO for offers, announcements and helpful health tips!

  • Upcoming Local Events

    In it’s effort to become a greater part of the North Charleston Community, look for PCC at upcoming local events! Please stop by to say hello.


    Dr. Schwartz’s much anticipated book, DEFLEXOLOGY – A Science and Practice of Health is nearing it’s completion and should hit the shelves in the next three months.  Deflexology encourages its readers to DEFLEX-IT and counteract the damaging effects of CBF!

  • Chronic Hypolordosis

    Chronic Hypolordosis (body flexion) is being recognized by patients and healthcare providers alike to be one of the prominent origins of disease in the body!  Stop this damaging process before it begins with

  • Free Health & Wellness Presentations

    If you know or are part of a company/organization that would benefit from receiving a free presentation regarding health and wellness, let us know!!! 

    Topics include:

    • Back/Neck Pain                 DEFLEXOLOGY
    • Posture                                   Headaches
    • Fibromyalgia                       Sleep Disorders
    • Chronic Fatigue                 Get Fit
    • Nutrition/weight loss